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 Vocation List

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PostSubject: Vocation List   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:53 am

Vocation List

Powerful proponents of the formidable Fource, they can also fight with wands, bows and swords.

Pre-requisite: Quest #109
Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Dazzle(2), Sap(5), Snooze(8), Slow Down(10), Acceleratle(12), Fizzle(14), Kasap(16), Fuddle(20), Deceleratle(24), Kasnooze(28), Kafuddle(31), Oomph(39)

Fierce fighters who rain continuous carnage on the foes who face them with swords, axes, and hammers.

Pre-requisite: Quest #103
Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: N/A

Specialists in martial magic that can make mincemeat of many monsters. They can also equip wands, knives, and whips.

Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Frizz(1), Acceleratle(4), Crack(6), Sap(7), Evac(8), Bang(11), Safe Passage(13), Crackle(16), Fuddle(19), Bounce(21), Kasap(25), Boom(28), Frizzle(30), Oomph(33), Kacrackle(40), Squash(42), Kaboom(47), Kafrizzle(53), Zakafrizzle(64), Zakacrackle(68)

Martial Artist(Also refered to as MA)
Able employers of the potential of tension, they value strength and agility above all, and can fight with fans, claws, and staves.

Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: N/A

All-round entertainers who encourage those around them with all manner of marvels, and wage war with whips, fans, and swords.

Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Heal(3), Crack(8), Evac(10), Woosh(12), Crackle(16), Midheal(21), Zing(24), Swoosh(30), Kaswoosh(36)

Noble knights whose purpose is to protect the powerless with wands, spears, hammers, and an array of altruistic abilities.

Pre-requisite: Quest #106
Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Buff(2), Heal(7), Magic Shield(10), Midheal(20), Kabuff(26), Magic Barrier(28), Kamikaze(33), Kerplunk(46)

Priest (Also refered to as Cleric)
Specialists in medical magic who can also mix it up with spears, wands, and staves when combat is called for.

Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Heal(1), Squelch(3), Snooze(6), Buff(8), Cock-a-doodle-do(11), Cushion(14), Midheal(16), Zing(18), Whack(20), Tingle(22), Bigheal(31), Thwack(34), Multiheal(38), Insulatle(43), Fullheal(47), Kathwack(55), Omniheal(65)

Wild warriors who are at one with nature, and can call on its powers at will, as well as using boomerangs, bows, and axes.

Pre-requisite: Quest #112
Weapon skills: Boomerang, Axe, Bow, Fisticuffs
Unique skill: Ruggedness
Spells: Safe Passage(3), Squelch(4), Evac(7), Heal(10), Cushion(12), Tingle(16), Cock-a-doodle-do(18), Midheal(22), Zing(24), Insulatle(26), Bigheal(34)

Mighty mystics who have learnt to make use of some seriously sacred skills, and who fight with wands, bows, and boomerangs.

Pre-requisite: Quest #115
Weapon skills: Wand, Bow, Boomerang, Shield
Unique skill: Enlightenment
Spells: Zam(2), Heal(2), Evac(5), Squelch(5), Bang(8), Kazam(8), Divine Intervention(13), Midheal(16), Zing(20), Multiheal(24), Boom(27), Kabuff(30), Bigheal(33), Magic Barrier(38), Kazamle(43), Kaboom(48), Zakazamle(61), Kaboomle(66), Madante(78)

luminary blah blah

Pre-requisite: Quest#118
Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Heal(4), Woosh(11), Bounce(18), Midheal(23), Swoosh(36), Kaswoosh(45), Kaswooshle (58)

Versatile vagabonds with a keen nose for treasure, they are also fierce fighters skilled with swords, knives, and claws.

Weapon skills:
Unique skill:
Spells: Squelch(4), Heal(9), Evac(12), Speed Up(16)

Mighty fighters who make good use of swords, spears, and knives, and who courageously cover their companions.

Pre-requisite: N/A
Weapon skills: Sword, Spear, Knife, Shield
Unique skill: Courage
Spells: N/A

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Vocation List
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